SPECIAL REPORT: Confectionery & Chocolate Trends – It’s Not Only Sugar Reduction on the Menu

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04 Apr 2017 — 

Sugar remains the key ingredient delivering the sweetness and great taste that consumers are looking for, specifically in the chocolate and confectionery sectors. 

The quest to combine taste and health is driving NPD, as the industry faces the challenge of balancing public demand to reduce added sugars and create indulgent experiences, while at the same time presenting clean label products. “Sweeter Balance” is tipped as trend 3 for 2017 by Innova Market Insights and sugar reduction is evidently high on the agenda for many confectionery and chocolate manufacturers. In the UK, 

The Sugar Reduction Program by Public Health England is part of the government’s push to cut obesity rates and associated health problems. Food giants, including the likes of Nestlé, Mars, PepsiCo and Kellogg’s, have previously been told to decrease sugar content by 20% in products aimed at children. 

These include food like chocolate and sweet confectionery. Launched earlier this year, at ISM 2017 in Cologne, BENEO’s innovations in sugar-free hard candies were represented through its Sweets Collection. 

These state-of-the-art sugar-free hard boiled candies are said to appeal to all senses with both visual appearance and great taste, thanks to BENEO’s unique sugar replacer, ISOMALT. Thomas Schmidt, Marketing Director at BENEO said: “BENEO are delivering new inspiration to the market through our innovation concepts.

Our concepts open the door to new and exciting possibilities for our customers, revitalizing this very important market segment…

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