SPECIAL REPORT:Insects and Marine Sources

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Demand for plant-based ingredients like algae, spirulina, seaweed, duckweed, pea proteins is climbing, as the appetite for pulses, non dairy or meat-free alternatives increases – even insects are getting in on the alternative protein scene. 

Interestingly the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables is in a ten year decline with no real progress made in Europe, the US or elsewhere despite massive health campaigns pushing for everyone, kids especially, to eat more of the good stuff. 

 On the consumer side, people are eager to experiment, are ethically or politically motivated to swap out meat and dairy proteins for environmentally and animal friendly alternatives, and compelled to look for “what’s next”. But will the West really take to insects over more traditional sources of protein in the long term? Will there be a sustainability backlash, or at least will ethics and morality stand the test of time for both consumer tastebuds and profit-driven manufacturers? 

 Who knew we’d be talking about cricket-based energy bars, ditching meat and dairy, opting for algae-infused eggs or searching for spirulina supplements… but here we are.

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