Edible Insects: The Alternative Protein People are Buzzing About

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While eating horse is perfectly normal in Belgium, it is taboo in the U.S. Similarly, most people in this country may react with disgust if you tell them you added tarantula to a sandwich, whereas in Cambodia and Venezuela, the furry spiders are cooked and eaten whole, similar to soft-shell crab or shrimp.1
Here’s the thing: We may not like the idea of eating insects, but over the years, our collective attitude will likely change – mostly because it has to. With rampant population growth and scarce land, we have no choice but to embrace alternative forms of protein if we hope to survive. Even our overfished oceans, which will comprise 50 percent plastic waste by 2050, won’t keep us alive.2
Insects as a protein staple isn’t such a crazy idea. Today, 2 billion people consume up to 1,900 varieties of edible insects.3 Just under one-quarter of the world’s population of 7.4 billion people have embraced this nutritious food source, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is eager to increase that figure as an environmental and social imperative.4

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