New Report: Valuing the SDG Prize in Food and Agriculture

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Our new report Valuing the SDG Prize in Food and Agriculture shows that meeting the challenges of the food and agriculture sectors sustainably could unlock 14 major business opportunities worth US$2.3 trillion annually by 2030. Each opportunity has an estimated value range: from cattle intensification where sustainable improvements could increase value by US$15 billion a year, to reducing food waste in value chains worth US$405 billion to the private sector. 

 With an annual investment of US$320 billion, fully pursuing these sustainable opportunities would deliver a 7-fold return on investment. These opportunities could help meet the serious challenges in the sectors. 

The current global food and agriculture system is at a critical juncture as growth rates in yields decline below continued growth in population, and as pressures on natural capital – on both land and in the oceans – continue to intensify. While many people are eating better than ever, over 800 million people are under-nourished, and 165 million children who suffer from stunting and a growing obesity epidemic.

 In rural economies, over 1.5 billion smallholder farmers are still living at or below the poverty line. And competing demands for land – for food, feed, fuel and forestry product – is causing an immense pressure on forests and other natural habitats, not only contributing to greenhouse gas emissions but also to the current wave of species extinction.

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